Mark will be transferring more of the business side of All Stars Stable to Nathan and Mikayla in the near future but racing wise it is business as usual.

The stable activities had been the subject of media speculation yesterday.

“Nathan will be taking over more of the business side but it will not affect the racing operation as it stands  ” Mark said

“We are remaining in partnership for the season, it is just that Natalie and I are taking a step back from the business aspect. Nathan and Mikayla have had the necessary business experience in Australia and are ready to move into that side of it”

“I will still be involved day to day with the team and the staff so as far as they and the public are concerned there is no significant change”

Mark arrived in Auckland Sunday and is pleased they made the decision to work the horses then.

“We couldn’t have done that today. It has not stopped raining”

The team start their northern campaign at Cambridge on Friday

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