During their careers Mark and Natalie have been associated with a formidable list of stars. Here are some that hold a special place in their hearts.


“Laz was a true champion and as I have said I don’t use that word often.”


“Often you find it is the second last quarter that is the killer and the last one is for the strong survivors, He was at his best in that sort of racing and of course he had the ability and the toughness to carry it out.”

Pride of Petite

“We had I Can Doosit later but she would be better than all the others. A tremendous little mare. With what I have learned since I wish I had her now”

Blacks A Fake

“He is a champion; I’m so proud of him and I love him”; “I think he’s proved he’s one of the all-time greats”.

I Can Doosit

“One regret and a big one. I thought of running him against the pacers in the Auckland Cup and later I wished I had.”

Auckland Reactor

“He was unbeatable at three and four better than any horse of his era.”

Adore Me

So where exactly  does she rate in your eyes ?

“The female Lazarus.”

Il Vicolo

He was a terrific horse to drive. He was always on your side. Even later in his career when his brilliance had dimmed a little bit he wanted to be with you.

Ultimate Snipper

It didn’t matter what the tempo in the race was. He could fire a slick quarter if you wanted but really time meant nothing to him, he just did whatever he had to do so effortlessly

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