We were very happy with the turnout at our Owners Luncheon last Saturday and I think it will become a regular. It is very difficult to find the right time and day for a function like that with so much going on but we had a great response.

I suppose I can take some credit for the idea. I just thought we don’t get a chance to socialise with groups of owners very often and this would be one way to help that. The feedback was positive because so many of our owners themselves do not have the chance to chat informally and they seemed to find that that opportunity was great. We were so pleased at the response all round.

My horse of the week is probably VESSEM. I have always had a soft spot for him anywaty. He went to the trials on Thursday and Blair just let him run to the line behind Chase a Dream but he went strongly on from there.

He will have a more serious trial next week and then it will be off to Auckland where he will run the week before the Harness Millions. I am going up with the team this year and looking forward to that.

We have LUVSTRUCK in at Addington. She hasn’t raced for a while but I think she is well forward for the race and might be a bit underrated. I certainly rate here a Top 4 chance.


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