I am getting home this weekend after a long time up  here with the team but it is a short trip-home Saturday and back Sunday! We have 9 horses up here now and can’t afford too much time away with a big meeting coming up on Thursday.

Although I miss home in some respects I have really enjoyed my time up here so far. I think its because its a different environment and you are working more closely with a smaller team of horses , and they are all good horses with their own personalities. In a bigger team at home you have less close contact with some horses. Yet there is not a lot of down time so you are kept busy.

I thought We Walk By Faith was a little unlucky in the Woodlands Derby and if he had got clear earlier he must have gone close. He recovered quickly after the Derby in Sydney.He came back from that race coughing which he hadn’t done in the leadup but travelled back good and obviously recovered quickly.

Next Thursday at Cambridge will be interesting. Demon Blue impressed Natalie last week-she was rapt with him considering the work he had to do and he has done well since. But I think just as good a chance is Vessem because he will be back in his own grade and should win onhis run last week.Blair was very happy with his effort from where he was in the race. Oscar runs in a Trotting Mile and Don’t Stop Dreaming and Self Assured are in the Pacer’s Mile. High Step is coming up from Rolleston today for trotting events and Treacherous Baby is with us too . Two of the boys Major Hot and Chase a Dream have gone home but we still have plenty to do up here. I think my horse of the week is Vessem,a favourite of mine.He deserves some luck




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