Purdon Racing is offering shares in three moderately priced yearlings to race out of the stabe and as interest hots up there is naturally interest in what “the selectors” thought when assessing the prospects. Nathan played a key role in that of course and feels each of the yearlings may appeal to different buyers.

“We went into it pretty thoroughly because we wanted horses we were happy to train and,just as important,horses we were happy to recommend to potential owners. But we didn’t want to be going to the top end of the market and some of our best runners have been from the lower end of  it so we had a good idea what we were aiming at”

“The Captain Crunch filly (Dream Light: main pic) we thought was well priced and she should make a top racehorse. She is less likely to be an early comer than the other filly.We assessed her as being a later two year old type and a lot better  at three and should appeal to people looking for that sort of development.She certainly should be considered on that score.”

“The River Waltz filly (Shezsofast) (above) looked to us like an early comer, a get up and go sort from a family of many winners. You can’t always predict whether that will  happen as a two year old but we will be surprised if she doesn’t show early. So makes strong appeal to those looking for an early return”

” We had more to do with the Majestic Son colt, No Apologies (above), than the other two because we had seen him at Brian West’s from when he was a youngster. The thing that impressed us was  how fast he developed leading up to sale time and he had gone ahead again by sale day so we were keen to get him. If he keeps developing at that rate he is going to make his mark fairly early on.

We thought these three were excellent spec buys at realistic money and we are looking forward to getting to work with them.”

(Some shares are still available.Contact Office@purdonracing.co.nz

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