Purdon Racing is at three venues this weekend with Nath and Mark edging toward a 100 win partnership with two wins to go.

How Nathan sums up their chances


4.34:Party Central. $1.50 “I will be disappointed if he can’t win this week.Everything has gone according to plan,he is working well and all his tests are fine.It is a small field. If he doesn’t win it means to me he is not ready for races like the Welcome Stakes in a couple of weeks and we might give him a decent break.But he is doing enough to win

7.58: Carrera Rapido (6) $2.50. Its a field he can beat. I would have been very confident if it were 1980 instead of 2600 because from this gate which is a bit tricky he might need to have things in his favour and may have to do more work than he wants. Can’t fault his condition.


High Step has come out.Nothing amiss but with the Trotting Stakes coming up next week just feel be better going into that without another race”

7.39 Demon Blue (6) $2.50. That is a tricky gate too but its not so essential with this guy because he doesn’t usually muster a lot of gate speed. Cycone Jordy is there again and I Got Chills but looks on paper as if he will cope with the job. Just got to settle in the right place.

8.39 Self Assured (2) $6.50 “We think he is back to his best but in between times a new lot have come through and where he could make his own luck now he needs to have it in his favour. A lot will depend on what happens early and where he ends up because if others go to cross he could get back a bit and its only a mile. If he does get a favoured run he can be in the finish for sure”

Don’t Stop Dreaming (11) $3.30 “It seems to be about the draw but it could work in his favour depending on what Kango does early from in front of him. He might go looking for the lead which will break the field up and Darci could end up in a good place. The racing is not bothering him.

9.30 Oscar Bonavena (4) $4.50 “Not saying he will beat Just Believe but you know if the race worked out the right way he could pose him a question or two in the straight. He is very well Dad reports. His asset is speed and if he uses to get the lead which I would say he will he is probably going to trail the favourite.Just Believe is a hell of a horse to get past proven all over the world but in a short sprint Oscar should be competitive.”

Sunday Rangiora

3.12 Franco Indie (1,30m) $8,50 ” It is never easy to win these sort of races off 30m because so hard to predict what they will do off the front and if they go really hard you have to produce a super time to get up. First three would be my aim but I have to say he seems in the right place for this.He’s working well his blood tests have come up good and he will improve off that last run. As something like a Top 3 bet he looks good.I would be rapt with that result”




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