Nathan Purdon is stepping into big footprints as a partner of dad Mark but is relishing the challenge.

He was even more upbeat after the Auckland trials on Friday when all five of the team performed right up to expectations.

“Probably even better than we expected” said Nathan,assisted in the north by talented partner Mikayla.

” I thought they had done enough at home before coming up here but not quite as well as they showed today.They might be ahead of where we thought”

“They all ran up to what we expected and more. I was quite impressed with Sinbad especially.He was second to With Style (home in better than 57) and I think he could go on to something this year”

In spite of his own Group One triumphs in Australia and a breadth of experience in many facets of  the industy,Nathan faces the biggest challenge of his career joining in partnership with Mark but says it is no family support  operation.

“Dad had given me the freedom to make my own decisions.That is up to me but that is what I wanted. You only grow doing it on your own.It helps if you learn from the best”

Nathan drove Millwood Nike to a calm third placing to Sherlock in the young filly star’s heat.

Sucitra wan a 10 length margin in  sharp 2.31.1 2050,27.7 home.

The serious racing starts next Friday in the Harness Millions  while stars Akuta and Self Assured,who race in early March are likely to trial soon




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