Don’t Stop Dreaming  has struck a double for the week so far coming up with gate 2 for the Chariots of Fire on Saturday.

Sooner the Bettor,stablemate of (Its) Merlin who was  a shade disappointing when second in a midgrade race on Saturday,has the ace and outside Mark and Darci is Bettor Be the Best who held out a game Merlin in his leadup on Saturday. Merlin is wider on the front line making for an interesting first 400.

“Yes it will be the way the gates have come up ” Mark said Monday.Better Be the Best was determined to lead on Saturday even after being hampered early and ran the mile in 1.49.8

Mark mean time was setting different sorts of records.

“Probably first since Brian Hancock ” he quipped when asked who had last enjoyed a 61.4 lead in a free for all at Menangle,in reference to past dramatics.

But it was dead serious with a 25.6 last 400 and an ideal buildup to the Chariots.

“Just what I wanted really. A good blowout but not too hard a race. Once we got to the front there weren’t going to be many challenges.”

The Chariots is the strongest for some years though with the coming of the Kiwis but Don’t Stop Dreaming came through the race in tip top order.

We Walk By Faith  makes his Australian debut this Saturday. H only arrived in Sydney on Sunday which was later than initially planned but “seems to have travelled well” Mark said of the Derby heat contender at Menangle.

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