Nathan is looking forward to Cup Day tomorrow and the chance to join those lucky trainers to lead in a Cup winner but he is not wearing rose coloured spectacles when looking at the fields. 

“Some of our good ones are in even fields and many with bad draws. You have to be realistic about that and it is not going to be easy for some of ours.

“Carrera Rapido  our first one is one of our best I feel.He is training up well and he is a good horse,not maybe up with the very best but he looks one of our best on the day. Sinbad going ok but he is under offer and might change ownership before the race. Luvstruck has not got into the bigger race yet but Carrera Rapido will be the best of ours.

Don’t Stop Dreaming is in a good place and it looks a two horse race. I will leave it to Dad but I would favour going out of the gate early because he’s got the speed and Merlin may be looking for the front so you don’t want to be giving him a start. But thats up to the driver !

Franco Indie ?  Don’t know quite  what to say here.At his best he can handle a field like this and he is drawn behind a good horse from the gate.But he’s been disappointing this season really and I can’t be sure with him. He works well just hasn’t delivered raceday

Millwood Nike is where you’d want her to be. Yes the gate makes it a little harder but she’s so good when she’s right I wouldn’t be backing against her

Amore Infida is another with a bad gate.She is not quite up to the top ones in this but deserves a start in a prestige race.

The Sires Stakes is more even than most years and there are things for and against our four. Vessem has had some hard racing and has a tricky gate. There is no doubt about his speed and ability but those races may just be taking their toll. Chase a Dream got a lot going for him but for that gate outside  of the second row. He has to show he can do it the hard way. I am sure he can but he hasn’t had to do that yet. Major Hot is probably looking at a little break but I have some time for We Walk by Faith in this.He is coming on at the right time and from that gate he is going to get the best trip.I like the way he has been going and he could offer some value.

Mon Lancome is one of our best of the day.She has come on perhaps a little more than we expected her to and this is a nice race for her.

And the inside word from the final trials on Sunday ?

“They all worked well. But Akuta was outstanding ”




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