Monday is another step along the trail for Mark as a trainer of thoroughbreds when two of them jumpout from the gates at Riccarton under official supervision.After success in that they will be eligible for official trials that will probably follow in short order.

“I am not expecting any problems. They just have to show they can leave the gates and then they run about 500m or so and ease down.On what they have done it should go off ok” Mark said.

He has gained that confidence from a trip to Ashburton on trial day last week when all four in training had starting gate practice and a hitout after the last trial.

“I had wanted to run them 800 but the gates were set at the 1200 peg so in the end we had to settle for that. The riders adapted well and it worked out ok.”

Of the four the most forward pair, three year old Buster Shaw and “Roy” the two year old Savabeel colt (pictured right and left having a chat ) ,continued their good progress.

“They went fine.The other two (both two year olds) need a little more time”

It means it is only a short time now before the stable colours are up on official trial day. So far,so good.

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